Meet the Administration

Kristy Scott, Admissions & Administration

Kristy helps with the Herbalism Roots program that is part of the Denver Integrative Massage School.  Kristy is a graduate of the Denver Integrative Massage School and proud to be a part of these incredible programs.  She’s always had a passion for health and wellness, and bodywork is what she knew she should be doing. As a student, she knew this was a unique school and that she wanted to be a part of it.  She believes in it wholeheartedly.

Kristy has the pleasure of working directly with the students and clinic clients on a daily basis, helping organize events, and keeping everything in order behind the scenes.  Along with working at the school, Kristy has her own Thai Yoga Massage practice.


Alisa Kalina, Admissions & Administration

AlisaAlisa Kalina is a certified Reiki Practitioner, Clairsentient Healer, and licensed Cosmetologist with a passion for being of service to others. With previous experience in social work, counseling, energy work, and advice columnist, Alisa is thrilled to now be of service and support to our wonderful students. She is honored to be a part of such an extraordinary organization and one of a kind school.

On the front lines and behind the scenes, Alisa is committed to the success of our students achieving their dreams and having fun while doing it!


Hillary Hilliard, Executive Director & Founder

Hillary is the founder and director of three programs at the Denver Integrative Massage School:  The 600-Hour Massage Program, the 600-Hour Aesthetics Program, and the 500-Hour Herbalism Program.  Hillary has been practicing Thai Yoga Massage for over a decade and has been teaching massage for over eight years.  Hillary has had extensive training in Thailand, and her practice and teaching draws from her Thai Yoga Massage studies as well as her work with a local Physical Therapist.  Hillary is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado, a Registered Thai Therapist, a Registered Yoga Therapist, and a Certified Herbalism.  Hillary began her Herbalism journey when she first visited Thailand over 11 years ago.  She was introduced to Thai Herbal Compresses, which are poultices of Thai herbs, roots, and flowers, that are wrapped in fabric, steam heated, and pressed along the body during a massage and/or facial.  Hillary studied Thai herbs in Thailand and used them in her massage practice, via compresses, oils, and lotions, for years for muscular pain relief and aromatherapy.  Through an effort to “Go More Local”, Hillary began to study medicinal plants of the Colorado region over 2 years ago, in particular, plants she could grow in her garden and use to make herbal medicines.  Hillary believes it’s a beautiful combination for a healing practitioner to be a Certified Herbalist along with being a Licensed Massage Therapist and/or Licensed Aesthetician–a Triad of Wellness Success!

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