Class Schedule

500-Hr Herbalism Program Start Dates:

June 27th, 2017

The schedule details are below.  There will be one weekday night class per week for six months (5:30p – 9p):  The Pathophysiology class will be two Tuesday nights per month, and the Materia Medica class will be two Thursday nights per month (different weeks than the Pathophysiology class).  There will be one, full weekend class per month (July – December).  The student may take the Pathophysiology component fully online.

Pathophysiology class is every other Tuesday night, 530p – 9p, for 6 months. This course can be taken fully ONLINE.

This course is part of our Massage Program, so students have the option to take this course prior to the Herbalism Program.  Our Massage Program graduates will comp out of this course because they will have already taken it, and if a potential student has a strong background in the Health Sciences, then we will look at accepting previous credits towards this course, but there will be no alteration of tuition rates in either situation. Students can also take the Pathophysiology course FULLY ONLINE as well.

Materia Medica class (learning about each plant & its connection to the body systems), meets every other Thursday night, 530p – 9p for 6 months (different weeks than the Tues night classes).

Then there’s 1 weekend class per month, for 6 months, always the 3rd weekend of the month, Sat & Sun, 9a – 6p.

Our camping trip weekend is in Colorado & will be 2 nights of camping. We will leave on Friday & get back on Sunday night.

The rest of the weekend classes will be at our school or off site at various farming/gardening locations. We have a lovely location near Speer & 13th and we have our own little garden as well!!