500- Hr Herbalism Program

Fresh herbs growingThe 500-Hour Herbalism Certificate program will prepare you to become a Professional Herbalist and to become an amazing asset to the professional, wellness community.

The curriculum includes instruction on the following topics: Pathophysiology, Materia medica (formal study of plants and their therapeutic uses), Plant Classification, Plant Chemistry 101, Pharmacology 101, Herbal Preparations, Herb Safety, Herbal Folk Medicine, Herbalism clinical practice:  intakes, evaluations, and proper dosages via a home-study program, Aromatherapy, Gardening (Soil Preparation and Planting), Field Trips to the Mountains to Identify Plants, Urban Walks, Wildcrafting, Herbal Medicine Making,  Winter garden preparation, Community Garden experience, and 150 hours of clinical practice.

The program hours are divided into the following segments:

  1. Pathophysiology (study of the body systems and related pathologies), 50 Hours
  2. Materia medica (formal study of plants and their therapeutic uses), 50 Hours
  3. Gardening, Aromatherapy, Field Trips, and Medicine Making, 100 Hours
  4. Clinical Herbalism Practicum, 150 Hours
  5. Correspondence Work, 100 Hours
  6. Volunteer work at a Community Garden, 50 Hours

Tuition: $2,900

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