Drawing of 5 herbs for plant identification

Denver Herbalism School

Herbalism Roots is a state approved herbalism school in Denver, Colorado. Our signature program is a 500-hour herbalist certification program. This hybrid program is a combination of online classes and in-person training.

Next program starts
January 2023

500-Hour Herbalist Certification Program

The 500-hour program is designed to be flexible, enabling you to complete the program in 6-12 months, even if you are working full-time or busy with other commitments.

The program is offered twice a year with start dates in January and July.

Are you ready for fun field trips, connecting with plants and glamping, practicing medicine making, and diving deeper into the amazing world of herbalism? Let’s go!

Herbalism Roots is part of and DBA of Denver Integrative Massage School. DIMS is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

Herbalism Roots is a State Board Approved Program and Member of the American Herbalist Guild.

Pictures from our school, classes, and the program.

plant identification herbalism roots
Hands holding fresh flower bundles toward the middle.
herbalism roots camping trip

Herbalism Roots School Location & Contact Information

Herbalism roots location marker on a map.

1221 Galapago Street, Denver, CO 80204

Administrative Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Phone: 303-623-3121

E-mail: info@herbalismroots.com

Photos from Our School

Custom herbal tea blend in a coffee press.
Herbalism student at our herbal apothecary.
Display of bulk herbs in clear pouches.