Herbal medicines have been used for as long as history has been recorded, and for good reason. There are so many healing herbs that could be used to treat, prevent, or relieve a wide range of health and wellness conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, digestive issues, skin problems, mental concerns, and cancer. Herbal medicine is often cheaper than conventional medicine, and many commonly used prescription drugs today where derived from plant-based sources! As scientific research grows, the knowledge of beneficial effects and accuracy of doses for herbal medication only improves. There are numerous advantages to using the natural herbal medication route when treating health issues; here are the top five benefits of medicinal herbs.

1. Reduced Risk of Side Effects

If you’ve ever watched a commercial or read the warning label for pharmaceutical drugs, you know the list of side effects can be ridiculously long! Most herbal medicines typically have fewer side effects than conventional medications.

2. Lower Cost

Herbs cost a significant amount less than many prescription medications (especially if you aren’t covered by insurance). Prescription drug costs have recently been on the rise, making herbal medicines a more inexpensive option.

3. Many Ways to Use Them

When it comes to actually using herbs as medicine, they are very versatile. Depending on the kind of herb, you have the option of tinctures, drinking them in teas, or taking them in capsule or tablet form.

4. Several Uses at Once

In comparison to conventional drugs, which generally are designed to treat one specific health problem, herbal medicines can tend to several areas of the body at the same time. While you are using herbs to treat one condition, you will also be reaping the benefits of the herb elsewhere in your system!

Our school’s Herbal Clinic offers herbal consultations. You will get a custom made tincture and herbal tea to take home with you.