500-hour Herbalism Program

The 500-Hour Herbalism Certificate program is a solid foundational program that prepares you to work with family, friends, and communities as a Professional Herbalist. Through the study of medicinal herbs within a pathophysiological paradigm – connecting plants with the body systems they affect – it prepares you to safely and effectively assist people with herbal recommendations to facilitate wellness.


Our curriculum includes classroom instruction in Pathophysiology, Materia Medica (formal study of plants and their therapeutic uses), Field Botany, Phytochemistry 101, Herbal Pharmacy, Botanical Safety, Herbal Folk Medicine, Aromatherapy, and Gardening/Permaculture.

It also includes hands-on, “in the field” learning experiences in Ethical Wild Harvesting, Plant Identification, and Medicine Making during two weekend Field Trips to the Mountains. The curriculum includes off-site Gardening/Permaculture experience, and 150 home study Practicum hours.

A truly well-rounded, comprehensive program to begin what we hope will be a life-long journey into the wondrous world of plant medicine, health and vitality.

Division of Program Hours:

PART I: Materia medica: 100 Hours
PART II: Pathophysiology: 100 hours
PART III: Medicine
Making, Aromatherapy, Gardening & Plant Identification: 150 Hours

PART IV: Clinic Practicum: 150 Hours

Part I: Materia Medica (100 Hours)

  • Materia Medica is the formal study of Herbal Medicine, delving into each plant’s medicinal details, organized by body system.
  • This course meets 2 Monday nights per month for 6 months (5:30p – 7:30p) live via Zoom. 

Part II: Pathophysiology (100 Hours)

  • Pathophysiology is the study of disease systems & the body systems.
  • This course meets 2 Thursday nights per month for 6 months (5:30p – 7:30p) live via Zoom. 

Part III: Medicine Making, Aromatherapy, Gardening, & Plant Identification (150 Hours)

  • Hands-on, practical application of herbal medicine, from making medicines to learning how to identify them in the wild, to cultivating them in your own garden.
  • This course meets one weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) a month for 6 months (10a – 5p) & will meet outside of the school (hiking, gardening locations, etc).
  • 50 hours of gardening is part of this course, & can be done at a community garden, a farm, at the school, or at  your own garden.

Part IV: Clinic Practicum (150 Hours)

  • Herbalism Roots Apothecary at Nurture in Denver
  • Product Making at our commercial kitchen in Denver
  • At-home curriculum options created by the school to guide you deeper into your herbalism knowledge
  • Internships at local businesses