One of the best things about summer is the warm, sunny days that practically beg you to spend time outside. However, too much sun equals overheating, sunburns, exhaustion, and an overall feeling of discomfort. It is crucial during the summer months to keep cool and comfortable. Beat the heat this summer and keep a balanced body and mind with these eight cooling essential oils:


Lavender essential oil seems to have an endless list of benefits, and soothing summer skin ailments is at the top of the list. Lavender can help calm sunburns and heat rash; it also is a great way to keep your mind at ease and allow you to fully enjoy your summer.

Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil is a cooling oil that soothes headaches and dizziness, common heat-related complaints. It is often used to treat hot flashes and is ideal for the rising temperatures.


When it comes to cooling off, rose essential oil is one of the best. When placed on the forehead, pulse points, and top of the head it can provide immediate soothing and cooling relief during the hottest summer days. It can also be used as a facial spray to refresh and rejuvenate yourself throughout the day.


Peppermint is well-known for its cooling properties; one whiff of peppermint essential oil on a hot day and your nasal passages will feel the chill, cooling you down in the process!


Chamomile can be very soothing for both the body and mind. It is great for treating skin conditions due to heat, such as rashes, acne, and inflammation.

Carrot Seed

Carrot seed is used in skincare to boost cell regeneration and treat dark skin spots and discoloration, making it a perfect oil to help protect your skin from the summer sun and related damage. Carrot seed also has a high SPF!


Vetiver essential oil can be used to soothe and support hot, red, or dry skin. It also has beneficial cooling properties for the effects of too much sun on your skin.


This essential oil is often used to reduce the effects of heat-induced inflammation, whether it be from the sun or fever. Helichrysum also has rejuvenating properties that are great for your skin during any season, including the production of new cells.

Heat isn’t the only concern during summer – bugs and allergies can put a damper on your summer fun as well. For insect repelling, try citronella, lemongrass, or cedar essential oils. For allergies, orange, juniper, or cypress essential oils may provide relief.