About Us

Herbalism Roots is a 500-Hour Herbalism Program that is part of the Denver Integrative Massage School, Inc, and is a sister school to the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics.

The name, Herbalism Roots, was chosen for a variety of reasons. Literally, roots are studied as part of an Herbalist’s studies, along with flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, seeds, bark, and berries–“Herbs” are actually all of those parts of the plant, not just the aerial, above ground/leafy part of the plant. In addition, roots are the foundation of a plant, just as we want to help students root their herbalism studies in a strong foundation of Science and Medicine, but also have the beautiful awareness and appreciation of Folk Medicine and traditional, ancient uses of plants as medicine.

And yet another connection with the word “root,” our Herbalism Roots program incorporates many classes and practices in actual gardening–planting seeds together, creating roots, learning to garden, harvesting and preparing the soil, and learning to make medicine from those garden plants!

Our Herbalism program not only teaches you about plants but also includes classes and experiences to empower students on how to grow and connect with plants on a personal level. We want to help students become better and more conscious gardeners, caregivers of plants, and plant medicines.

We hope to see the “Roots” of “Herbalism Roots” become a VERB, to root all of us in something deeper, more grounded, and more nourishing.

We hope you’ll join us to be part of this community of people who respect the wisdom of plants, our bodies, and the earth!