Many of us experience chronic stress and imbalances from time to time. Natural herbs, often grouped as adaptogens can relieve symptoms of stress and normalize our bodily imbalances. Adaptogenic herbs are typically consumed as a tea and a herbalist will make you a tea blend that is specific for your symptoms. Below is a general adaptogen tea recipe. If you would like a tea blend especially for you – visit our herbal clinic in Denver, either walk-in (Free) or by appointment.

General Adaptogen Tea

1 part each of:
Rose Hips
Lemon Balm

1/2 part of:


1/4 part of Licorice

Combine all herbs together. Use about 4 tablespoons of the tea blend per 1 quart of water. A press is great if you have one. Make the tea in the evening, let it seep over night, press in the morning. Can be sweetened e.g. with raw honey. Enjoy.