When you plant a garden, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t beauty products. Many people plant fruit and veggies, pretty flowers, or a variety of herbs for medicinal or cooking purposes – but there is more potential for that plot of soil! There are many plants that have beauty benefits for your skin, hair, and summer ailments.

Put your green thumb to good use by planting these five beauty-enhancing plants in your garden:

Aloe Vera

We all know aloe as a lifesaver for painful sunburns (thanks to its antioxidant soothing properties), so having it available right outside is a great idea during the summer months. Because it is such a soothing remedy, applying aloe as a makeup remover is perfect for those with sensitive skin that reacts to commercial products. Just dip a cotton ball in aloe vera gel and use it to wipe away any makeup! Aloe may also help clear up stubborn acne caused by oily skin.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm comes in handy when you get bit by a bug; whether it’s a mosquito, fire ant, spider, or other nasty insect bite, applying lemon balm to the area will help protect your skin from damage because of the ferulic acid in the plant. It can also be used to help heal sunburns and sores. An added bonus – your garden will smell fresh and delicious!


You may be familiar with elderflower for medicinal purposes, but it also has its place in the skin care world. The oil from the plant can be used as a treatment for soothing rashes and eliminating the appearance of scars. It is also full of anti-aging antioxidants, which makes it an ideal ingredient for natural skin care.

Witch Hazel

Yes, you can grow witch hazel easily in your garden! Witch hazel has a long list of uses, but when it comes to skin care it is great for both soothing irritated, red skin and clearing up acne. Its gentle, calming properties can help treat breakouts; when mixed with a little lemon juice and water, witch hazel makes a skin toner than can lighten acne scars and give your skin an overall glow.

Green Tea

Plant green tea in your garden if you are having problems with hair loss or dandruff. Boil some green tea leaves like you would to make a cup of tea, let it cool completely, and rinse your hair with it in the shower for smooth, shiny, flake-free hair. And it comes in handy to have in the garden when you catch a cold!