Spring is a season of renewal, life, and delicious herbs! There are many wonderful herbs that flourish during this time of year, and can easily be incorporated into your kitchen. There are herbs for every palate – bold flavors, subtle additions, bright surprises, and traditional tastes.

Whether you have an outdoor garden or grow herbs on your windowsill, these herbs will add a burst of freshness to your recipes and add a unique taste of spring to your cooking:


Nothing screams spring more than the smell of freshly bloomed lavender. The lavender plant is good for more than its relaxing scent; it is a member of the mint family and has a lovely floral flavor with hints of citrus. Dried buds can be used in teas and baked goods, while fresh buds make a great addition to salads. For a sweet twist, add a bit of lavender to your sugar bowl.


Thyme comes in many varieties (including a zesty lemon thyme) and can fit into many dishes. Fresh thyme can be mixed into sauces and salad dressings, rice, and meat rubs; it can be sprinkled on eggs and potatoes, garnish fish, and infused into olive oil. For a unique sweet take on thyme, it can even be mixed with fruit and turned into a delicious preserves for toast.


We’ve all seen this common marketplace herb sold in bunches, but probably never realized its potential. It can be added to pesto, used as a garnish, stirred into soups or stews, chopped into salads, or combined with other herbs and olive oil to make a paste for meat and fish rubs.


Another very common spring herb is basil, and it comes in seemingly endless varieties. From cinnamon basil to lemon basil, spicy bush basil to sweet basil, this herb can find its place in so many dishes. Basil is easy to grow and can be used in cocktails, teas, salads, pestos, pastas, rice, pizza, soups, and stews.


A warm spring evening is best complimented by the delicious flavor of mint. Its refreshing taste can add a pop of flavor to both savory and sweet dishes. Add it to teas and cocktails, grain dishes, salads, salsas, or any dessert with chocolate.