If you are looking to start your own essential oil collection, there are some good pointers to consider; you should know which ones are good to begin with, and what they can be used for. From there, you can grow and develop your own collection based on your own personal needs. Below is a list of good starters and their general uses.


Helps with indigestion, soothes anger, helps with bad breath, cleaning products, lip balms, acne treatment, reduces fatigue, relieves congestion, eases itching from bites


Acne treatment, cleaning products, great for hair care.

Sweet Orange

Good for all skin types, easy on the skin, soothing, calming for children.

Rose Geranium

Gentle on all skin types, used for perfumes, home made moisturizers.

Tea Tree

Healing effect, rids dandruff, acne treatment, good cleaning products.


Anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, mosquito repellant, relieve congestion, aids insomnia, great for relaxation, cleaning products.


Natural mood enhancer, water purification, degreaser, cleaner, helps curb cravings, good for hair and skin care (when mixed with unrefined coconut oil to reduce appearance of cellulite), aids in flu symptoms, helps with bad breath.


Acne treatment, helps heal burns, cuts, and rashes, increase immunity, reduce anxiety, helps with allergies and asthma, anti-inflammatory properties (can be used as a soak).


Great for immunity, disinfectant, anti-bacterial, wards off infections, pain reducer, helps with sore throats.

These are a list of oils to get you started. The lists created here are not the only functions and uses for these oils. There are many other uses and functions. There are also lists that go further into depth.

When considering using these oils, please do so correctly and safely. Be sure to dilute them properly based on what essential oil is being used. Also be sure that you are using it for the correct purpose and use the essential oils diluted.