Flower essences, dilutions of brandy and water containing extreme dilutions of flower material (known as mother tincture), provide a simple system of healing that anyone can use – from babies, to pregnant women, to adults, the very ill, pets, and everyone in between. They work with your own ability to heal and stimulate your body, mind, and spirit to return to a harmonious, balanced state overall. By balancing your individual energy patterns, emotional and mental planes, and your physical body, flower essences are one of the greatest ways to implement healing, address imbalances, and stimulate lasting changes for any wellness issues or concerns you may have.

At our school’s herbal clinic, students and instructors work with flower essences to provide clients natural remedies and approaches to chronic and acute medical conditions and an overall improved state of wellness. The clinic values and utilizes the many benefits of using flower essences for healing, such as:

1. Organic & Safe

Because there is no actual plant material in the essence, only the “energetic imprint” of the flower, they are completely natural, safe, non-habit-forming, cause no adverse reactions, and impossible to overdose on. Flower essences do not interfere with other medications or healing methods, and the effectiveness of the essence is not affected by other treatments. Even if the essence you choose turns out to be inappropriate for your condition and needs, nothing happens!

2. Easily Used

Flower essences can be taken in a variety of different ways, and therefore are completely adaptable to whatever is most convenient for you. They can be taken directly by mouth, added to drinks or food, mixed in with bathwater, applied topically alone or mixed with lotions/oils, sprayed on clothes, pillows, or around the room – the possibility are almost endless.

3. Extremely Versatile

The original 38 remedies, developed by homeopath Edward Bach in the 1930s, are directed at particular negative emotional states, particular characteristics, or specific concerns in question (be it a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual concern). The flower essences are a go-to healing remedy to help restore harmony between the mind and body, and offer gentle healing for a wide variety of issues.

The clinic offers both walk-in and scheduled (60-minute) herbal consultations to determine your health concerns and goals and find remedies that work for you; also offered is a 60-minute Mind.Body.Spirit Renewal Session in which a multitude of traditional healing practices are used to restore emotional, physical, and energetic balance. Included in the session is a 2-week dosage of a take-home Bach flower remedy custom-blended for your unique needs to lengthen the balance, relaxation, and wellness benefits of the session long after you leave.

The clinic is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 pm to 6:30 pm. Appointments can be scheduled online.