Frankincense is a tree or shrub that produces an aromatic resin that can be steam distilled into an essential oil. Fundamentally, this oil promotes calmness, peace, and relaxation, but its health benefits range from fighting warts to fighting cancer! While commonly used in perfumes and incense for its sweet, balsamic aroma, Frankincense also offers a multitude of healing properties.

Skin Care

Frankincense essential oil is great for skin care; it can be used to treat acne, burns, rashes, cuts, scarring, scrapes, and oozing sores. It also is beneficial for mature, aging skin, as it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate sun spots, fade stretch marks, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body, while replacing old or dying cells with healthy new ones.


Frankincense has many disinfectant qualities that can be applied to wounds to help prevent infection, tetanus, and becoming septic. It is equally good for internal wounds to prevent infection. The antiseptic qualities of Frankincense also help with oral issues, like bad breath, toothaches, cavities, mouth sores, and other infections.

Digestive Problems

This essential oil is very useful when it comes to combating digestive issues; it can help relieve various types of diarrhea, and it acts as a gas eliminator. Because it removes and prevents excess gas from building up in the intestines, it also gives relief to certain stomach issues like stomach aches and pains, bloating, heartburn, and indigestion.


The astringent property of Frankincense strengthens gums and hair roots, tones skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It also fights the loss of firmness of intestines, abdominal muscles, and limbs. Because of its astringent properties, this oil can also act as a coagulant, helping to stop bleeding from wounds and cuts.

Stress Fighter

Frankincense induces a feeling of relaxation and mental peace. Its aroma promotes deep breathing, which leads to lowered anxiety, stress, and anger by opening your breathing passages, reducing blood pressure, and giving you a sense of calm.

Respiratory Issues

This oil helps soothe coughs and eliminates phlegm caught in the respiratory tracts and lungs. It will also provide relief for bronchitis and congestion.

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