As we sat around with our top buttons undone, breathing deeply in to create some space in our stomach’s, still hanging on every word he said, we all knew what the other was thinking – “maybe I can have one more ball of deliciousness and still be able to walk out of here at the end of class.” “It’s actually good for us because it’s herbal medicine, right?”

Herbal Confections, taught to us by Martin, The Unlikely Herbalist and one of the Teachers at Herbalism Roots, was a lot more informative than we could have imagined. That seems to be the theme around the school – so much information being offered every time you walk through the doors. Knowledge is available everywhere and the teachers are a perfect extension of the solid roots holding the foundation together. Martin’s humble nature and charming humor makes learning from him a truly authentic experience. He speaks directly from his heart and shares everything he can about what he’s spent the last 2 decades studying. He makes you laugh, he shocks you with his honesty, and then he throws in a whole bunch of knowledge in a way that you can understand and absorb.

We learned that using herbs in sweet confections is a time-tested tradition practiced and perfected over thousands of years. The first herbal confections were made as medicines and applied to the skin in honey-laced ointments or swallowed in hopes of curing ailments and boosting longevity. Confections / Conserves, also referred to as Electuaries / Lozenge, are a delivery vehicle ideal for unpleasant preparations and dispersion of essential oils. Created with honey, glycerin, and sugar or fruit pulp, confections are semi-solid preparations of medicinal agents preserved by means of sugar, honey, or both. We had the opportunity to make several of these, and we got to taste test even more! After three hours learning about how to incorporate herbal medicine into everyday confections, we all walked out with smiles on our faces, knowledge in our brains, love in our hearts, and treats in our pockets. Marshmallow root marshmallows, kava hot chocolate, Reishi truffles, bliss balls, and more!