Our Herbalism Roots Herbalist School in Denver offers a Herbal clinic that is open to the public. You can choose an appointment for a 60-minute herbal consultation or a walk-in consultation (Free). You can read more about a walk-in appointment experience here. The 60-minute consultation is conducted with a certified herbalist, who is also one of the school’s herbalism instructors as well as with a student. Read below about what to expect on a 60-minute herbal consultation appointment.

Herbal Consultation

I booked my herbal consultation at the school’s clinic and was eagerly waiting for the appointment. I was met by Martin Hansen, one of the herbalism instructors who is a genius with herbalism, and I was also met by a current student from the herbalism program.. The school exudes a calm, peaceful, and soothing atmosphere, and it’s easy to feel at ease and relaxed, i.e. I felt good, just to be there!

First order of business for me was to fill out a medical history questionnaire. This took about 10 minutes or so. I didn’t go into long-winded details but did cover what I felt was important now, and I did so honestly. A tip – be honest with yourself, nobody is judging you, and you will get the best possible plan of action by being completely upfront and open. After filling out the questionnaire, we sat down on a comfortable Thai massage mat, placed on the floor of the room. Martin went over the questionnaire with me asking more details where he felt it was needed. I felt completely comfortable throughout this whole appointment. Based on this intake, it was determined that the best for me was to get help with chronic stress, getting my body and being in an overall stronger state and in more balance. I completely agreed and felt that was correct.

Making the tea blend and tincture

Martin concocted a tea blend, what he called adaptogen tea, specific for my needs. The tea blend included herbs like Tulsi (holy basil), oat straw, hibiscus, licorice root, rose petals and a few others. I was to drink a quart of this tea a day, make it at night, press it in the morning and drink it, either hot or cold. The tea blend smelled amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the tea for the week that it lasted. When I ran out of the tea I couldn’t wait to get more! I felt better almost immediately, although reducing chronic stress takes time. I didn’t have sugar cravings like I had almost every afternoon and I felt I had more energy.

I also received a tincture that consisted of Eleuthero, Motherwort and Wild Oats. I was to take this 2-3 times a day, 3 dropfuls with a small amount of water. The taste is strong – hence the water. I definitely had to drink something else after I took the tincture, tea seemed to work well. This tincture also has adaptogenic herbs, and it was to give me more support for hormonal balances. I’m not sure how much of me feeling better was contributed to the tincture and how much to the tea, all I knew is I felt so much better than I had for a long time.

I love, love, love that I am able to have natural, herbal remedies to balance my body, my hormones and stress, rather than having to resort to chemical drugs and medicine. I went back for a walk-in appointment, and I know I will be a frequent visitor at the herbal clinic. Our needs change and it is great to be able to adjust quickly with what is the best for you at any given time.