With daylight savings time behind us, the days are shorter and colder; the earlier sunset, uninviting chill, and the start of cold and flu season can really put a damper on your mood. Instead of letting the winter blues get to you, take the change of seasons as an opportunity to cozy up with a warm cup of tea! This recipe is packed with immune-boosting herbs and the scents and flavors of winter.

Not only does this tea taste like a fresh blanket of snow in the forest, it will also bring warmth, relaxation, and comfort (with a boost of immunity and well-being) during the cold months.

Yields about 2 cups of herbal tea blend.

¼ cup rose hips
¼ cup hawthorn berries
¼ cup cinnamon chips
½ cup blackberry leaf
½ cup damiana leaf
½ cup cedar leaf tips
½ cup linden leaf and flower

Thoroughly combine all herbs in a bowl. If some herbs are larger than others, it may help to crumble them into smaller pieces first to make mixing easier. To brew, place 1-2 teaspoons herb blend in a glass or tea pot with strainer. Fill with boiling water and allow to steep for 8-10 minutes; strain herbs and enjoy! Add a dollop of honey for an extra sweet treat.

Store unused herbal blend in a tin, jar, or lined tea bags.

Benefits of the herbs listed include:

  • Rose hips – excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants with a deliciously tart flavor
  • Hawthorn berries – often used to treat anxiety, stomach pains, and blood pressure concerns
  • Cinnamon chips – a tasty addition to tea that also helps with digestion and relieves symptoms of colds, flus, and winter chills
  • Blackberry leaf – sweet flavoring that strengthens the immune system and helps with digestion
  • Damiana leaf – digestive stimulant, mood-booster, stress reliever, and expectorant with a strong fig-like flavor
  • Cender leaf tips – woodsy taste offers relief for coughs, colds, and other respiratory issues
  • Linden leaf and flower – used to treat colds, stuffy nose, sore throat, breathing problems, headaches, fever, and coughs