Where do we even begin? Let’s build the Foundation First!

During their Gardening weekend students learn everything about the root stages of their journey “From Seed to Medicine” – Herbalism Roots tag line and the structure of our in-depth and fruitful curriculum. They are taught how planning and planting a garden is fostering a bonding relationship with the earth. You will get out what you put in – something that is said many times throughout the weekend. Gardeners know that if you are doing it right, you will never truly have the answer, as the relationship with the earth nurtures a receptive, creative, and inquisitive mind. Planting – choosing seeds, trays vs. ground planting, planting with the moon, as well as Soil and Permaculture are just a few of the important topics our teachers go over during this time together. The students spend the majority of their days with their hands in the dirt of some of the most beautiful and bountiful gardens in Denver!

One of our newest additions is Ruby Hill Tiny Urban Farm – a home garden that one of our Herbalism graduates began in May of 2011. The 50’x126’ lot has become a home to chickens, rabbits, beehives, vermiculture, veggies, fruit trees, medicinal plants, pollinator supporting flowers, harvesting rain water, a laundry to landscape system designed with permaculture tools and whole system thinking in mind. Their larger goal is to live more sustainably and to create a living demonstration site where they can teach others what is possible. In our eyes, they have done just that and this is a place where our students will spend a lot of their time earning hours towards their Herbalism Certificate.

From Seed and Soil, to Transplanting and Harvesting, there’s nothing our teachers forget to go over. Who knew there were so many things to consider even when designing your Garden Beds? Placement, raised vs recessed, walk ways, wheel barrow passage, protection from compaction, borders, hoop houses, light and water – oh my!! Fortunately our seasoned Teachers and Herbalists come prepared to arm each student with ALL of the tools and knowledge necessary to create and care for their own sustainable gardens! Students are encouraged to think about their own garden design throughout the day so that ideas can be shared and put into action once the weekend is over. Our teachers are always available to help students fulfill their dreams of gardening and provide a myriad of resources for students to connect with for even more guidance.

Next time you walk out into your backyard and wonder “which seeds can I plant next to each other,” “when am I supposed to harvest that Kale?” or “what in the world is eating away at my vegetables?” give us a call and we can get you set up with one of our Herbalism Roots graduates to do some consulting! Better yet, we can get you signed up for our Herbalism Roots 500 hour program where gardening is just the beginning of all that you’ll learn, “From Seed to Medicine.”