Sports, clubs, homework, lack of sleep, and the end of summer blues can make transitioning back into school mode difficult for your kids. And, of course, there are the inevitable and seemingly endless colds, flus, and other bugs that come with the new school year.

What can you do to help your kids prepare mentally and physically for the months ahead? The answer: herbs! Below are three powerhouse herbs that you can use to give your kids the extra boost they need to make it through the school year.


That’s right – the herb that gets your cat high acts double duty to relieve stress and anxiety! There are several ways to take catnip, such as teas, tinctures, and capsules. If your child is suffering from anxiety, restlessness, or trouble sleeping, a tea using 2-3 teaspoons of catnip per cup taken before bed or at the onset of anxiety can help relax the body and mind and induce sleep. Catnip is also a great treatment for headaches, stomachaches, and congestion.


Astragalus is an immune-boosting herb that is a must-have for the school year. It is an antiviral and has been shown to increase the number of stem cells in bone marrow, which leads to a healthy white blood cell count. Astragalus can be taken in small doses throughout the cold and flu season, and even starting from the first day of school on (it never hurts to have a little extra immune support). A word of caution: if your child has a fever, astragalus can prolong it.


Eleuthero is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body and mind adapt to changes in the environment or ongoing stressors. This is ideal for those attending school, as it can help avoid burn-out, mental exhaustion, and stress in general. It also acts as an immune booster! Avoid taking this herb close to bedtime, however, as it can be stimulating.