Our bodies rely on the complex balance of hormones to function. If our hormones are out of whack, every system in our bodies suffer. Digestion, thoughts, waste elimination, heartbeat – you name it, hormones control it. Hormone imbalance can lead to serious diseases, disorders, and a range of other complications.

Here’s what you can do:

Incorporate a few hormone balancing herbs into your life to help your body stay healthy and happy. Be sure to consult a doctor before taking any herbal medicines.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is an excellent herb to help the body balance hormones through healthy digestion. The bitter taste of the root stimulates receptors in the gallbladder and liver, which in turn produce digestive juices to break down our food. Dandelion root is commonly used in salads, teas, soups, fresh, or dried.


The flowers of hops can be added to tinctures and teas. Take around mealtime to help aid digestion. The bitter taste, much like dandelion root, can stimulate the bitter receptors of the tongue.

Wild Yam

The root of the wild yam has traditionally been used as a general hormone balancer, associated especially with fertility and liver congestion. It can be taken as a capsule, tincture, or tea. Do no use wild yam long-term, as it may lead to kidney or liver damage.


Burdock is most commonly used for supporting liver health. When the liver becomes congested, it can cause hormonal imbalance throughout the body. Burdock can be sliced and used as you would a carrot; it can also be used through tinctures and capsules. Consult a doctor to ensure this herb will not interfere with your current medications.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is a pleasant addition to teas, syrups, and tonics due to its sweet taste. It helps support the adrenals, which involved in nearly every hormonal change occurring in the body. The root can also be used as a numbing agent for teething babies.

Lemon Balm

When the adrenal glands become overstressed, the thyroid suffers. Lemon balm is an excellent herb to help support an overactive thyroid, and can be used in food, teas, tinctures, or capsules.


Yarrow leaf and flower may help manage blood sugar levels (also tied into the adrenal gland functions). Yarrow can be used in tea or added to food. Do not use yarrow if you take medication to slow blood clotting.


Calendula, or marigold, is a detoxifying herb that helps regulate the female reproductive system, relieve menstrual pains, and regulate oestrogen excess. It can also be used to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluids. It is often added to teas or salads.

Chaste Tree

Also known as vitex, the chaste tree berry is often used as a general hormone balancer, especially related to the pituitary gland and feminine hormones (regulating cycles, reducing PMS, and progesterone production). It is most commonly used in the form of teas and tinctures. Always consult your doctor before taking, as chaste tree can interact negatively with some medications.