Essential oils are great for multitude of uses. Using undiluted essential oils on skin or in any other use can be harmful. So be sure to dilute the oils correctly, in the right proportions, and with the correct solution.

Dilution of Essential Oils is typically done by using a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, almond oil, etc. A 2% dilution is considered a safe guideline for adults when used topically. A 1% dilution is suggested for children and elderly. Note. Use only essential oils regarded as safe for children.

2% dilution example

12 drops of essential oil to 1 fl. ounce (30 ml) of carrier oil

1% dilution example

6 drops of essential oil to 1 fl. ounce (30 ml) of carrier oil

Lavendar Massage Oil

Ingredients: Lavendar Essential Oil, Grapeseed oil/Almond oil – your carrier oil, 2 ounce bottle

Add 2 fl. ounces of your carrier oil
Add 24 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Cap tightly
Shake well
Store in dark, cool place

If you do not dilute, clients and or yourself may experience symptoms of sensitization. Which include and are not limited to: skin rash, itching, redness, respiratory issues, anaphylactic shock. Once sensitization occurs, you are likely to remain sensitized to that oil for the remainder of your life.

Each essential oil is different, in regards to the dilution process. Each one requires different ratios to obtain the desired effect. Some oils are harsher than others, and some people are more sensitive to some oils over others, and even their scents.

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