Lavender essential oil has many health benefits, including the ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, and enhance blood circulation. A little lavender essential oil can help ease your aches and pains and relax your body and mind. Here is a simple recipe for homemade lavender massage oil that can be made year-round.


Dried lavender flowers

Carrier oil – choose an oil that best suits your needs and budget! Some easily accessible and budget-friendly options are grapeseed, almond, or olive oil.

Lavender essential oil

OPTIONAL: Vitamin E oil

What you’ll need:

Scale (or other tools for measuring)

Glass jar with lid (or other non-reactive container)

Rubber scrapper




There are two different methods to make lavender infused oil: the hot infused oil or the cold infused oil method. Choose the method that suits your time and attention span. Don’t worry, both methods are easy!

Hot Infused Oil Method

The hot method requires a direct heat source, and close attention. This is a relatively quick method to prepare an infused oil.

First, crush the dried lavender flowers into small pieces. Place a pot on the stove and add the oil of your choice; stir in the herbs and gently heat to a temperature of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring constantly. The longer you let the mixture heat, the better the oil will soak in the herb’s properties (if you are impatient or don’t have all day to sit around stirring, aim for 2-4 hours). When you are happy with the mixture, take it off the heat and let cool. Strain the oil from the lavender flowers and pour the oil into your container. You want to get as little sediment as possible. Store in a dark, cool place for long-lasting results.

Cold Infused Oil Method

The cold method, which is actually done at room temperature, takes a bit longer than the hot oil method, but requires little attention.

Crush the dried lavender flowers into small pieces. Place them into your jar, packing them down gently until they fill about ¾ of the jar. Pour the oil over the herbs until you’ve covered the herbs by just under ¼ inch. Store in a warm (not hot) place out of direct light, and remember to shake the jar daily, or even several times a day. After 2-8 weeks, strain the oil from the sediment, wash the original jar, and return the oil to it. Let sit for a few hours or overnight, and pour the oil into your desired container. Store in a cool, dark place for long-lasting results.

Once you have your strained oil, add the Vitamin E oil (if desired), and 10 drops of lavender essential oil per ½ oz. of infused oil. Pour oil into your desired container and store in a cool, dark place.

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