Krisana Barrett

Assistant Director of Admissions

Krisana is a graduate of the Herbalism Roots Program. She was born and raised in Colorado and loves being amongst her plant friends in the mountains. She has an education in culinary arts and wine, an experience that took her to school in Provence, France. There she witnessed the magic that comes from growing and cultivating and creating beautiful healing dishes, using herbs, veggies, and fruits that nourish our bodies and souls, while sustaining the ecosystem those plants are produced in. This was the beginning of her wellness journey and ultimately her path to Herbalism, the DIMS community, and launching her practice. Her passion for holistic wellness drives her to share the love with the students at DIMS. She believes that the healing arts of Aesthetics, Massage, and Herbalism are essential for our well-being and loves having the opportunity to assist others on their paths as they become healers. She is committed to offering students the same attention and care she received through her education with the school. In her free time, Krisana loves going on adventures with her partner and dog, traveling, making art, eating, cooking, gardening, foraging, and sending it in her many athletic ventures!