Levisticum officinale, or Lovage, is a leafy dark green perennial herb that is a giant compared to the rest, growing up to five feet tall. Lovage is also known for the umbels of yellow flowers that sprout at the top of the stems of this herb. This plant is celery like in texture, but smells like limes when crushed. It is used in a variety of recipes, and mainly used for seasoning.

This herb does not need much tending to. It is quite hardy and sturdy. It needs well drained medium rich soil with full sun. If you find yourself in low supply of Lovage, simply plant more seeds to encourage fuller crops and trim the young branches for transplantation.

This plant can actually be fully eaten, from flower to root. Enjoyed in salads, soups, as a vegetable, there is a variety of different ways to cut it. It also has some medicinal uses, including a mild antiseptic, and to aid in digestion.

Fun Fact: The Lovage seeds can be used as a spice, similar to fennel seeds.