Whether you are still looking out at a snow-covered landscape or spring has started blooming, flower essences are offer a number of healing powers that can be taken advantage of regardless of season.

Flower essences, which are herbal infusions made from the flowering part of the plant and are taken orally in diluted amounts, can have a positive effect on your moods, attitudes, emotions, and the overall balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

Flower essences may be used to treat physical concerns; however, their main use is to treat the emotional nature of the body to promote the healthy and harmonious flow of energy. Because flower essences are focused on emotional well-being, they are often used as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Flower essences provide chemical-free, gentle care without the side-effects that are common with prescription medications.

To make a flower extract, lay freshly-picked flowers (specific to your wellness needs) in a container of spring water exposed to sunlight. After at least several hours to allow the essence (the flower’s energy) to absorb into the water, remove the flowers and preserve the water by diluting it with alcohol to prevent spoiling. Some of the most common flower essences are as follows:

For lack of confidence: Larch, Cerato, Centaury

For worry: Red Chestnut, Chickory, Heather, ,Crab Apple, Agrimony

For tiredness: Hornbeam, Olive, Oak, Vervain, Wild Rosy, Centaury, Red Chestnut, Pine, Clematis, Wild Chestnut, Gorse, Mustard

For stress: Elm, Cherry Plum, Agrimony, Impatiens, Vervain, Oak, Mimulus

For depression: Mustard, Milkweed, Sweet Chestnut, Willow, Gorse, Gentian, Baby Blue Eyes

For support during times of change: Walnut, Angel’s Trumpet, Morning Glory, Cayenne, Scleranthus

For a broken heart: Bleeding Heart, Borage, California Wild Rose, Forget-Me-Not

For anger: Black-Eyed Susan, Holly, Impatiens, Snapdragon, Willow

Flower essences can be taken as needed, internally or rubbed onto the skin as prescribed. For concerns and situation that are less stressful, the essence can be taken every four hours or less. For acute trauma or emergency, the solutions can be taken every few minutes. Depending on the situation, a shift in the emotions may be noticed within moments, several hours, or weeks (to stabilize long-standing conditions).