Martin Hansen


Martin G. Hansen is a licensed esthetician, herbalist, aromatherapist and educator. He specializes in Holistic Esthetics incorporating his foundations in plant medicine, aromatherapy, supplements, and nutrition into his practice. He has been a community educator in Denver since 2000 teaching herbal preparations, skincare, nutrition, and aromatherapy. For the past 20 years, he has explored natural and alternative solutions to whole-person wellness, counseling people to create multi-level change in their lives to achieve their goals for health and beauty. He has had a lifelong passion for gardening and cooking that has allowed him to experience firsthand the communion and healing that comes from the process of planting, growing, harvesting, and utilizing the bounties of the earth.
Martin is not only one of the best Herbalism and Aesthetics teachers I have known. He is also one of my favorite people to teach alongside! He is a hard worker and passionate about his trade. He goes out of his way to make sure students understand a technique. He is patient, kind, and funny!
Martin is the most knowledgeable esthetician I know as well as the most humble. He’s so passionate about the care he adds to the skincare industry. You can tell in his approach to facials and massage as well as the love he adds into all his skin care products.
Martin is an amazing teacher. He’s warm, kind, caring and funny! He’s a magical knowledge bank in all aspects of herbalism and esthetics. Students are lucky to share a portion of their journey and learn from Martin.
Martin is an utter delight as a human being and a fantastic instructor. Always kind, always helpful, his knowledge and passion for herbalism shines through in his teachings and interactions with students. I’m proud to call myself a former student of his.
Martin is such a special person. His knowledge of esthetics, herbalism, and just about any other subject pertaining to both fields is SO impressive! The students always love to learn his heartfelt techniques. He is intelligent, his laugh is infectious, he has the funniest stories and a genuine passion for everything he does!
Where to start with Martin?! Martin is smart, funny, dependable, & insightful. His laugh is so enjoyable & contagious. His wisdom & care for the teachings of aesthetics & herbal medicine is deep & soulful yet also light & playful. He helps us all find balance. I’ve worked with him for almost 9 years, & I feel continually blessed & inspired by Martin & his perspectives.
Martin plants seeds that grow forever with you. He encourages curiosity by opening the mind and heart for the love of herbs, plants, and aesthetics. His calmness, confidence, and humor always keeps you engaged. It’s always a pleasure to work with Martin.
Martin is such an excellent teacher in the way that engages students in his classes with his expansive wealth of knowledge in all things ingredients, skin sciences and making aesthetics services luxurious and relaxing. It is truly a joy to learn from Martin!
Martin is a fantastic teacher and his knowledge of plants, herbalism and aesthetics are truly special. Martin’s direct approach to topics coupled with his kind inclusion and vulnerability lends trust and peacefulness to his instruction. It is great to teach on Martin’s team and to benefit from his knowledge and approach!
Martin is an extremely knowledgeable person with deep roots in making wellness an essential part of life. He’s always the one that can make a whole room laugh and his passion radiates.

Martin is so knowledgeable, wise, quirky, witty, and I always learn something from him when I’m in his presence!