Holiday time can be stressful. Although the holidays are about happiness and love, for many it is a time filled with stress, anxiety and exhaustion. For some, there seems to be a never-ending list of things to-do, from planning meals, to buying gifts, to entertaining family and friends; for others, the winter and holiday season can bring feelings of loneliness, grief, and depression. No matter which category you fall into (even if you are one of those people who absolutely love this time), it is important to schedule some time for yourself to avoid becoming overwhelmed during the holidays.

When you let yourself be overcome by stress, both your body and mind react in negative ways. A simple and quick fix to give yourself a break is to set aside just 60 minutes for a rejuvenating mind, body, and spirit renewal session. What could be more perfect amidst the demanding holiday season than a complete revitalization mentally and physically?

Give yourself a gift of a 60-minute Mind Body Spirit Renewal Session. The traditional healing session includes a variety of healing practices to bring balance back into your life emotionally, physically, and energetically. Fresh plant brushings (also known as “limpias”) are combined with the use of sound medicine through Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, and rattles to offer relaxation and restore balance. In addition, smoke medicine (copal, sage, palo santo) and aromatherapy with heated Thai herbal compresses and organic essential oils are used to bring you back to earth and restore your overall sense of peace and harmony. The session will leave your body, mind, and spirit renewed, re-energized, and ready to take on the holidays once again.

Alternatively you can choose a body detox treatment, offered through our sister school, School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics. The 60 minute Detoxifying Body Ritual ($24) fuses various traditions and cultures of healing into one, deliciously relaxing treatment.  First, the session begins with full-body dry skin brushing, which exfoliates the skin, increases circulation, bolsters the flow of the lymphatic system, and helps to detoxify the body.  Dry Skin Brushing has been used for thousands of years in many, different cultures for both internal and external beauty.  Then warm, sesame seed oil will be applied along the whole body, combined with heated, aromatic, Thai herbal compresses, which will nourish the skin, warm the soul, ease the joints, and calm the mind.  In addition, Sound Medicine will be integrated throughout the session with Singing Bowls, Tingshas, and Rattles to help calm the nervous system and bring a deeper sense of balance and peace.  During the Summer and early Fall months, fresh herbs from our school’s garden will be used to cleanse your body and spirit.

Both treatments can be conveniently scheduled online. And while you are at it, check out our other offerings: facials, waxing, microdermabrasion, chem peels and so much more.