We are excited to announce a new offering at our student clinic — a 60-minute Mind Body Spirit Renewal session. This traditional healing session will weave in myriad, healing practices to help bring you into emotional,  energetic, & physical balance.  The student will use “limpias”, fresh plant brushings, on you during the session, which will help balance & relax you.  In addition, the student will use sound medicine (Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, & rattles), as well as smoke medicine (copal, sage, palo santo), & aromatherapy (heated, Thai herbal compresses & organic essential oils) to ground you, center you, and create an overall sense of peace, harmony, & renewal for you on all levels, emotionally, energetically, & physically.  Included in the price of the session is a custom-blended, Bach flower remedy to take home with you, a 2 week dosage, so you can elongate the relaxation & grounding benefits long after the session.

Below is a recounting of the Mind Body Spirit Renewal from a client

I scheduled a Mind Body Spirit renewal appointment with Hillary Hilliard. I went in without expectations, I wanted to be open and receptive to whatever was to come. I left the session quite speechless, is was a special, beautiful, enlightening and lifting treatment.

Before the session started I filled out a questionnaire and when questioned what I was looking to get from the appointment I said I was open and curious, without specific expectation. That is how I felt at the time. I see how this can change each time you get a renewal treatment. I looked at a list of flowers with descriptions and selected a few of the flowers that spoke to me. Hillary made me an amazing Bach flower remedy based on my selections. I felt it was perfectly in line with what I needed. I got to take this flower remedy home with me!

The session is done in a private setting, in a room where you lay on a massage table. Wear comfortable clothing.

I was covered with a blanket and I was super comfortable. Soft music was playing in the background. Freshly cut Marigold flowers along with a few other plants were used on me for the plant brushings. The plant brushing felt amazing. The fragrance of the flowers, the whole atmosphere made my body feel like it was buzzing. It wasn’t overwhelming at all, it was as if the energy was filling my body.

Hillary’s soft spoken words were spot on, to what I needed to hear – I didn’t even know I needed to hear them until they were spoken. Quite remarkable.

I haven’t even mentioned how I melted to the warm Thai herbal compresses or how my body felt the vibrations of the singing bowls.

I don’t think I’m doing justice describing the whole experience, it was a journey, an amazing journey. You have to experience it for yourself. I will definitely go back for many more of Mind Body Spirit Renewal sessions.