Let’s face it – no matter how healthy we eat, how much water we drink, or how active we stay, sometimes our bodies still get bogged down with everyday life. Work, stress, illness, and environmental factors can really put a damper on our bodies and minds. If you feel like you need to renew, refresh, and regenerate your body, try adding these naturally detoxifying (and yummy) herbs into your diet to strengthen your body’s natural detox system.


The bitterness of dandelion helps stimulate the production and flow of bile to the gallbladder, one of the body’s avenues through which toxins are removed. This will help cleanse the liver, and can also act as a diuretic.

Green Tea

Many studies have shown green tea to protect the body from toxins and cancer-causing chemicals due to the catechins found in the tea that increase crucial detoxification enzymes.

Organic Gum Acacia

This substance made from the sap of the acacia tree has been used for centuries to help relieve symptoms of diarrhea by adding bulk to bowel movements and improving electrolyte absorption.

Black Walnut

Three active ingredients in black walnut (iodine, tannins, and juglone) make it an extremely useful detox herb. Juglone and tannins help fight against bacteria and fungus, while iodine helps reduce the lifespan of many harmful organisms.


A popular garnish, cilantro binds to heavy metals (such as aluminum, lead, mercury, and cadmium) and makes them easier to transfer out of the body.


Wormwood has been used since ancient Egyptian times to fight harmful organisms such as pinworms and roundworms; it also has properties that aid with digestion.


Eucalyptus is often used to help cleanse the lungs. It can help fight bacteria, attack viruses, and it possesses expectorant properties. It can also be used topically for chest congestion.