Petroselinum crispum, or Parsley, is an annual or biannual herb that grows about 8 inches tall. It has bright green leaves, and only flowers on the stalks after the second spring. When it does flower, they flowers are white to yellow in color that form in umbels.

Parsley is used very repeatedly in the culinary world. It is used for seasoning and flavoring any dish. Not only is it popular in the kitchen, but it is full of antioxidants. However tasty it may be, or good for you, it should be avoided in pregnant women in mass quantities.

When growing this herb in a garden, know that it will need well drained medium rich soil in full sun. When you wish to expand your crop, be sure to plant plenty of seeds. This herb has a slow germination process, and it too is resistant to transplantation. It can be easier and sometimes more beneficial to have these plants in individual pots or containers.

Different species of Parsley will have a different appearance as well as a different flavor, take this into consideration when planning and planting your garden.

Fun Fact: Root parsley is grown as a root vegetable, but is used as a similar seasoning.

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