Product Lines

DIMS students get to experience and use amazing product lines while learning to become a massage therapist. We use high-quality, local, superb product lines that include Martin George Skin, Color Up, Herbalism Roots, and more.

Mycobios Tinctures

Mycobios use organic and recycled material to grow their own mushrooms resulting in top-notch, hand-crafted tinctures that help reduce landfills. Probiotic Tinctures are created using 3 extraction methods and then combined to form a triple extract. Water kefir cultures, organic cane alcohol, and distilled water are used to extract the medicinal compounds for a unique and potent tincture infusion. Each tincture is locally made backed by heavy research to ensure the highest quality and well-rounded products!

Herbalism Roots

Herbalism Roots offers a variety of teas, tinctures, essential oils, and flower essences that are crafted by our very own instructors! Infused with years of experience, each product is unique and blended from scratch. Used to support a balanced and healthy internal environment for our bodies to not only heal but to flourish.