Herbalism Roots will begin the next 500-hour Herbalism Program January 6th of 2015. This is the only state approved herbalism program in Denver and will prepare the students to become professional herbalists that qualify for a multitude of positions in wellness centers, natural health stores, holistic health clinics, yoga studios, health clubs, and private practices.

The Herbalism Certificate Program involves the study of medicinal herbs in connection with the body systems they affect. Also included in the program are unique classes on wildcrafting, medicine making, herbal intakes and evaluations, working with an herbal apothecary, gardening, therapeutic herbalism session, and even field trips to the mountains. Classes are also offered on topics such as energetic healing, traditional and ancient uses of herbal medicine, and folk, sound, and smoke medicine.

In addition to the wide variety of classes offered, the program also provides the opportunity of over 150 hours of hands-on clinical practice with herbalism clients under the supervision of professional herbalists.

The curriculum is broken down into six divisions: 50 hours of pathophysiology (the study of body systems and related pathologies), 50 hours of materia medica, or the formal study of plants and their therapeutic uses, 100 hours of gardening, field trips, and medicine making, 150 hours of clinical herbalism practicum, 100 hours of correspondence work (reading and homework outside of class), and 50 hours of volunteer work at a community garden.

All of these classes and applied practice create a uniquely structured, innovative course that will leave the graduate with a comprehensive and vast knowledge of terms, definitions, body systems, pathology, therapeutic properties of herbal medicine, plant identification, and gardening work. To top it off, the clinical practice hours in the student clinic offer the opportunity to practice, practice, practice with real clients and get feedback from professional herbalists.

The 500-hour Herbalism Program can be completed in only 6 months with a low tuition of just $3,100.