Herbalism Roots School CLOSURE effective March 13th through April 3rd, 2020

Hello community,

It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours. We’ve been advised by the Colorado Department of Health that we need to close our in-person classes and clinics for a few weeks because of COVID-19.

Currently, we don’t know of any positive cases within our student, staff, or clinic client community, but because of the level of positive results in Denver county, we are being advised to be socially responsible and flatten the curve of exposures by closing.

We will be closed for all in-person classes and clinics at both our Galapago location and at our Aesthetics clinic at Color up NOW through April 3rd.

We will resume all in-person classes and clinics at both locations on Saturday, April 4th.

For Clinic Clients:

If you’re currently on our schedule to receive a massage or aesthetics service, we will be canceling your services on our Mind Body system over the next few days. You should see an email about that cancellation. Anything scheduled starting Saturday, April 4th will remain scheduled.

For All Students:
(Aesthetics, Massage, Herbalism, Nutrition, & CE/Community Classes)

For Main Program Classes: Any class you’re scheduled to attend now through Friday, April 3rd is officially canceled in-person; however, we will be recording all of the classes & sending each cohort links & instructions on viewing the class instruction remotely. It will be a recorded class that you can watch at any time, and then you will do the practice portion of each class when you’re in clinic or at your internship. Please be patient–we will be distributing these via email by mid to late next week.

We will not be rescheduling the in-person classes that are scheduled from now through April 3rd, but rest assured–you will each have the instruction remotely/online, and we will all be working hard to make sure you practice with other students in clinic before you work on the public. Our teachers will all be going above and beyond to make sure you feel up to speed, in-person, at clinic, with the material you remotely learn.

For Clinic: Massage and Aesthetics clinics are all canceled until Saturday, April 4th. If you’re scheduled, we will remove your dates from Mind Body over the next week. You will not be able to earn clinic hours during this time. The state will not allow this to happen for liability reasons and public health concerns with these services being in such close proximity with individuals.

For any CE classes or Community Classes scheduled now through April 3rd, those are all canceled & will be rescheduled (Lashes, Advanced Makeup, Microneedling, Mead Making, Emory’s Integrative Medicine, & Martin’s Lotion Making). We will be working over the next week to reschedule those classes & update those students accordingly with the makeup date.

For New-Student Orientations: The in-person orientations will be canceled, but we will do these via video recording & update those students accordingly in the next week.

For Administration & Admissions: Some of our team members will be working from DIMS (Galapago St) so we can support our community & continue the momentum. We will be recording our classes at DIMS as well. We will not be having any admissions meetings until Saturday, April 4th, but we will be available Monday – Saturday during our regular office hours, which are: Mon – Fri, 8a – 6p & Sat, 8a – 4p for phone calls and emails.

For Products: If you’d like to purchase anything, we will be amping up our online store and will be mailing products. Please do not come to our location at Galapago St or to our location at Color Up to purchase anything. We can mail!

Overall Health & Awareness: Once we do reopen on Saturday, April 4th, we ask you to not come to either of our locations if you have ANY symptoms of ANY sort and if you’ve recently been around someone who tested positive for COVID-19. You will be asked to leave. Our team members will be doing the same–they will not be at either location at any time if they present with any symptoms.

Disinfection at DIMS and Color Up: Since yesterday, we have been DEEP CLEANING at both locations feverishly. The schools have NEVER looked so clean! We’ve been cleaning everything with EPA-approved disinfectants, and you can rest assured once you return on April 4th that it will still be as clean and disinfected as we will continue to clean per the CDC recommendations. We have literally cleaned every nook & cranny–upstairs & downstairs–every product, every shelf, every floorboard, every which way. Thank you to our TEAM MEMBERS for rallying yesterday and today to disinfect our locations!!

Please be kind and patient.

I ask that each of you be kind, understanding, and patient with us and these decisions that had to be made. We are making the socially responsible choice. This decision is for the greater good of our community. I understand disappointments abound right now, but let’s all take a deep breath and realize that

Let’s all choose to love, to be calm, and to see the glass as half full where we can.

We will continue to shine our light over here at 1221 Galapago St, and we will be radiating health, serenity, and love to each of you remotely.

I am TRULY GRATEFUL for each of you!
Thank you for being part of the community I started almost TEN years ago!

~With Wellness and Peace,
Hillary Olsen Hilliard,
President and Founder

Denver Integrative Massage School
School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics
Herbalism Roots
School of Holistic Nutrition Therapy