Shaina King

Admissions Counselor

Shaina King is honored to say she’s spent the last twelve years as a professional makeup artist and brand educator, and more recently a licensed aesthetician and administrator. She is a lifelong lover of nature and the arts and believes deeply in the healing power of plants, as well as red lipstick. As a makeup artist, she loves to create, play with color and texture, and help others discover the beauty within as well as without. Shaina is a proud SBMA graduate and is thrilled to devote her skills and heart to empowering new students in the beauty industry and holistic healing arts. Raised in the Ozarks and arriving in Colorado after years in the forests of Oregon, Shaina has enjoyed familiarizing herself with the flora and fauna of the Rocky Mountains. When she’s not at the school, she’s an enthusiast for music, reading, dancing, digging in the dirt in her garden, and spoiling her two amazing cats.