Sharona Thompson


Sharona Thompson absolutely hated gardening as a kid! It is a miracle that as an adult she awoke to the power and beauty of plants and has been committed to growing and studying them ever since. Over the years she has been a leader for three community gardens and served as a Peace Corps agriculture volunteer in Senegal, West Africa. She went on to earn a Permaculture Design Certificate through the GrowHaus and an Advance Permaculture Certificate with Woodbine Ecology Center. She is currently working on her CSU Master Gardener Certificate and her Herbalism Roots Certificate. In 2011 she and her husband bought a house in South West Denver. Over time, their 50’x126’ lot became known as the “Ruby Hill Tiny Urban Farm” with chickens, rabbits, beehives, worms and a cat taking residence. Veggies, fruit trees, berries, medicinal plants, culinary herbs, pollinator supporting flowers, and a little “she-shed” apothecary replaced the lawn. They have incorporated the ability to harvesting rainwater for the garden and installed a “laundry-to-landscape” system to water fruit trees. Sharona’s larger goal is to live more sustainably, create a living demonstration site, and teach others what is possible while designing with permaculture tools and using the whole system thinking in mind.