500-Hour Herbalism Program Tuition

We strive to offer flexible tuition payment options to accommodate your needs. Please note that we do not accept federal financial aid (FAFSA) and we do not offer scholarships or grants.

Tuition includes two nights of ‘glamping’ – a weekend away, lodging included, for medicine making & to immerse everyone in nature!!

Total tuition; as low as $4,255

Tuition Payment Options:

All options include a $250 deposit deduction

1. Pay in Full with a Check
Total tuition: $4,255
Includes a 15% discount

2. Pay in Full with a Credit Card
Total tuition: $4,414
Includes a 12% discount

3. 12-month payment plan
Monthly payment: $398.75
Includes a 5% discount

4. 18-month payment plan
Monthly payment: $280.56
No discount


A $250 deposit is required, which is applied toward the total tuition cost. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Additional Required Expenses (estimated) for the 500-Hour Program:

Textbooks: $150 – $200
Final Project Supplies: $100 – $150
Total (estimated): $250 – $350