Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Have you been having trouble keeping motivated, or given up on your resolution entirely? After the first month of the new year, many people have a pretty good idea if their resolutions are going to last. If you are looking for ways to help you succeed in keeping your resolutions, your answer may be in herbs!

There are herbs for many health-related resolutions that can give you a little extra push; if you made any of these resolutions in the following list, try these herbs and make those resolutions a reality:

Lose Weight

It is important to keep in mind that herbs alone will not be the magic trick to losing weight. Changing your eating habits and regular exercise are the best ways to lost weight in a healthy way. However, there are herbal products that can help curb food cravings, such as Diet Aid (dulse, kelp, garcinia, eleutherococcus, bladderwrack, kombu seaweed, sargassum, kudzu, oatstraw, poria, ginger, burdock, alfalfa, gymnema, chickweed, fermented leven, senna, jiao gu lan).

Quit Smoking

While there are no herbs that will automatically calm a nicotine fit, there are several that can help with the side effects of nicotine withdrawal. Blue vervain and black cohosh are helpful for calming the nerves, while St. John’s Wort is a mood lifter and may help keep a positive attitude to kick the habit.

Eat Healthier

There are many herbal products available that can help improve your digestion and make changes in your diet easier to stick with. Products such as No Burp, Holiday Bitters, and Blessed Thistle can help promote healthy digestion, ease gas, and relieve upset stomachs.

Get More Sleep (and Reduce Stress)

So many people need to sleep more, and herbs are here to help. Some of the most helpful, sleep-promoting herbs are lavender, California poppy, passion flower, valerian, and ashwagandha.