If you are looking for natural, herbal solutions for an ailment, or issues you are having, one of the options you can choose at our school’s herbal clinic is to do a walk-in herbal consultation. The walk-in consultation is FREE. You may be recommended a more comprehensive consultation. Below is a overview of what you can expect on the walk-in herbal consultation from a person that came to the walk-in consultation.

I went to the school’s walk-in herbal consultation with a specific issue. I had previously done the 1-hr herbal consultation, during which it became clear that it would be good for me strengthen my overall well being, reduce chronic stress and balance out imbalances due to hormonal changes (read – entering perimenopause). I had received a tea blend, made just for me, and it was delicious! However, in two weeks, something changed and even the idea of drinking the tea made my stomach turn. I especially seem to have strong reaction to the smell of licorice root in the tea blend. So, I went to the walk-in consultation.

First off, the school’s setting is so peaceful and soothing. During the consultation, I sat on a mat with a few students and the instructor, giving them a run down of why I was there. I tried to be as honest as I could, about what I was feeling and as descriptive as possible of my symptoms, concerns and anything really that I had noticed or was observing. Tip, try to be as honest as you can, it will serve you the best.

The plan was still to normalize and balance my hormones as well as combat fatigue and chronic stress, just with a slightly different tea blend. After my description of my specific needs as well as answering several questions, the instructor with the students planned a new tea blend that would address my needs. The tea blend is based on adaptogens (you can read more about them here) and is lighter – my word choice – than the previous tea blend, which mind you I loved for the first 2 weeks. This tea blend is made with rose petals (yum!), dandelion, tulsi, oat straw and a few other delightful herbs. The smell is amazing as is the taste! I was instructed to drink about a quart a day, adding 4 tablespoons of the tea blend to a quart of water. I use a press, make the tea before bed, pressing it in the morning. I seem to finish the quart before noon, so sometimes I make another batch and drink it in the evening.

I love the fact that this blend is specific to my needs, and as my needs change, the herbalists at the clinic can make adjustments, and I will always have exactly what I need.

I love, love, love the instructors and the students, they are kind, caring, compassionate and mindful. I felt completely at ease in telling them my problems, without feeling that I was judged. I felt they were there to help me in any way they could.

If you are wondering whether your “problem” is significant enough, curable, or whether herbal remedies can alleviate your problems – just walk-in (or make an appointment for the full consultation)! We human beings have quite the similar problems and issues, whether it is dealing with stress, fatigue, addiction, weight loss, illness and so on – the good news is – there are natural cures for all that!